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A New Outer Space Adventure Coming Soon!

Olla has been churning out great ideas for some time and went full speed ahead on an outer space adventure that came to her in a dream or something. The brainstorm she threw at me with all of the ideas for this one was quite impressive. I designed a beautiful three-tier spaceship and we used the Slaadi as a basis for our new alien race, the Ghaaktek.

This product will be released on Saturday, March 13, 2021. All customers who pre-order this module will receive an email with the download link upon release.

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  • Combat Challenge Difficulty: Levels 3 - 5

  • # of Players: 4 - 6

  • Combat Heavy

  • Estimated Play Time: 3 to 5 Hours

The alien race, the Ghaaktek, has been combing the region for different species to perform experiments on, use as hosts for their eggs, and study to ensure extermination of everything they deem inferior. Unfortunately they have captured your party, drugged all of you, and are sharpening their tools and measuring their chemicals to begin the process of studying their captives. Fortunately, the drug they used is wearing off fast and there just might be a way out of this if everyone works together.... This module will contain:

  • DM Maps - Top, Middle, and Bottom Levels of Spaceship

  • Player Maps - Top, Middle, and Bottom Levels of Spaceship

  • Monster & Item Cards

Go to our gallery to see a sneak peek of the space ship maps for this adventure!

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