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Encounters at the Local Tavern

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The tavern has small lanterns on the rickety tables. There are faded tapestries hung all through the building depicting battles of long ago. The main room is made of small wood slats with a huge fireplace at one end. A pot of suspicious smelling food is simmering above the fire. At one of the tables closest to the fire, three halflings sit nursing tankards of ale. Sitting with them is a huge Goliath that looks even more intimidating compared to the company he is keeping. He drinks nothing and sits with his arms crossed. His body visible through the armor swirl with night black tattoos. The halflings are dressed in leaves, with twine twisted around their torsos,and their hair is long and knotted. They seem to be celebrating. The Goliath doesn’t seem amused. Four humans that are sitting near them keep glancing at the Goliath uncomfortably. The humans have plates of what looks like roasted rats sitting at their table. Their noses curl as they examine their food. A jubilant bright red kobold runs the bar. He makes his way through the tables stopping to talk to his patrons. His eyes flash menacingly when the humans question the fare he has provided. His smile grows large as the human talk so that his razor sharp canines begin to show.

Lots of RPG Tabletop players visit every tavern in every town they come to. They mostly just talk to the barman or the tavern wench and then the party moves on. The tavern should be lively with lots of intriguing characters and interesting conversations. The Fates have provided a generator that will liven up that local tavern with just the click of a button.

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