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Specialty Items

Item Qty Price

Pattern for Boots of Elvenkind 2 5 pp

  • Cobbler's Tools required for purchase

  • While wearing these boots, steps make no sound, regardless of the surface being stepped on. Gives advantage on Stealth Checks that rely on moving silently.

Pattern for Glamour Studded Leather 2 10 pp

  • Leatherworker's Tools required for purchase

  • The wearer of this armor gains a +1 bonus to AC. A bonus action can be used to speak the armor's command word and cause the armor to assume the appearance f a normal set of clothing or some other kind of armor. Color, style, and accessories can be set by wearer, but the armor retains its normal bulk and weight. The illusory appearance lasts until the wearer changes the appearance again or removes the armor.

Adventuring Gear

Item Qty Price

Hand Crossbow 2 190 gp

Light Crossbow 4 40 gp

Heavy Crossbow 2 99 gp

Shortbow 4 74 gp

Longbow 9 104 gp


Item Qty Price

Arrows (20) 22 2 ep

Quiver 10 4 ep

Crossbow Bolts (20) 1 4 ep

Crossbow Bolt Case 6 7 ep

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