• Libby

The Brilliant Mind

Adventuring Gear

Item Qty Price

Abacus 1 7 ep

Ink (1 ounce bottle) 1 29 gp

Quill Pen 1 4 cp

Paper (per sheet) 62 5 sp

Parchment (per sheet) 43 38 cp


Title Price

Valuable Accounts of the Real Dangers of Plants 450 gp

  • gives advantage on Nature Checks pertaining to plants

Elaborated Encyclopedia of New Technical Inventions 370 gp

  • gives advantage when using

  • Carpenter’s Tools

  • Cobbler’s Tools

  • Mason’s Tools

  • Tinker’s Tools

  • Woodcarver’s Tools

Experimental Considerations on Financial and Tax Rules 750 gp

  • gives advantage on Persuasion Checks pertaining to currency

Exposed Insights into the Uglu: the Grey Wind of Illusion 500 gp

  • gives advantage on Insight Checks pertaining to deception

Collected Insights into the Bodily Chemistry of Elves 1000 gp

  • gives advantage on Medicine Checks pertaining to elven bodies

Major Studies in Powder Experiments 450 gp

  • gives advantage when using Herbalism Kit or Poisoner’s Kit

First Knowledge of Nightwatch Uniforms & Badges 1500 gp

  • gives advantage to Sleight of Hand Checks against guards/soldiers

Glorious Handbook of the Elven Heroes in Folk Stories 350 gp

  • gives advantage on History checks pertaining to elven culture

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