• Libby

The Magic of Mardi Gras

Since Mardi Gras has essentially been cancelled in Louisiana, we are writing a new adventure hoping to immerse others in our Cajun culture and to find an alternative way to enjoy the Mardi Gras holiday. Mardi Gras to the outside world is just a big party where everyone drinks too much and crowds the streets of New Orleans, but there is so much more to it. Mardi Gras is a part of the Cajun soul. The music, the atmosphere, the food, and much more make up the Mardi Gras season. The celebrations can go on for days and sometimes weeks all over the state of Louisiana, not just New Orleans. Families come together to enjoy the parades and cook huge meals that everyone can enjoy. We are doing our best to provide some history throughout our adventure to help you better understand our culture and Mardi Gras. We are providing pronunciation to some words as we have a heavy French dialect that weaves itself in and out of our English. We are also providing tried and true Cajun recipes for your perusal. Game nights are better with food….you can trust us on this.

The release date for this new adventure is 02/15/2021 and it will only be available on the Shard Tabletop platform. If you would like more information you can subscribe to our blog and we will make announcements and post links once the adventure is available.

“I was once asked by a Texan co-worker of my husband what country I was from….my answer was Louisiana. It never occurred to me that the speech and mannerisms of my Cajun culture were so different from everyone else in America until that day.” - Libby the Third Fate

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