A Convolution to the Nucleus


Available On Shard Tabletop

“A Convolution to the Nucleus” is a 5e RPG tabletop adventure that can be inserted into any type of adventuring campaign.

Combat challenge difficulty was determined for a party of 5th-level characters (4-6 players).

This module is composed of:
  • Roleplay: 40%
  • Exploration: 20%
  • Combat: 40%
Estimated Play Time: 5 to 7 Hours
This is the first adventure in our Baregul series.
The Vaults of the Halcyon Gentry are home to most of the world's rarest items and artifacts. The elves that run the bank are known for their strong magic and their creativity when using it inside the vaults to protect the assets of their customers.
As far as anyone knows, the only thing the vaults have ever awarded to someone brave enough to try to get into them with bad intentions is death.
​The Orc Queen, Falatah Dragonbelly, has hired the party as a group of mercenaries to steal the last dragon egg in the world from the Vaults of the Halcyon Gentry. She is adamant that her family was the only orc clan ever to ride dragons and this last egg is being denied to her as her birthright.
Welcome to the high-elven city of Ealsera! Meet the people, explore their shops and homes, and interact in interesting and unusual encounters!


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