A Study In Extermination


“A Study in Extermination” is a 5e RPG tabletop adventure that can be inserted into any type of adventuring campaign.

Combat challenge difficulty was determined for a party of 7th-level characters (4 players) or a party of 5th-level characters (6 players).

This module contains:
  • Roleplay: 30%
  • Exploration: 20%
  • Combat: 50%
Estimated Play Time: 3 to 5 Hours
The party awakes one by one on a spaceship. They are being held by the Ghaaktek, an amphibious alien race from the swamp planet Ghaaktekus, who are combing the region for specimens to use for exams and experiments in order to expand their scientific knowledge. Ghaaktek also use the living specimens that they abduct to aid in their own reproduction. The Ghaaktek consider themselves a forward-thinking race and their intention is to fast-track their own evolution. They circulate the scientific knowledge they gain among their own kind...

Maybe, just maybe, if the party is brave enough, witty enough, and strong enough they just may survive the Extermination.


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