Ancient Scrolls Generator

The once-opulent house is located in an area that used to be only for the wealthy merchants of the city. It has been looted many times and most of the precious items have been stolen or removed. There are many rooms. There are red velvet curtains covering the windows. There is a king-sized bed in the center of the master bedroom. The bedding is lined with gold but is rumpled and it sounds like a family of mice live there now. In the corner of the room sits an ornate desk covered in dust. The handles of the drawers depict a lion in full roar. A dusty rolled-up piece of parchment is found in the bottom drawer. It looks plain from the outside, but looks can be deceiving. The corners of it are bent and even burnt in some places and the scroll is yellowed with age. What information could this scroll possibly contain?

Many an adventurer has come across an ancient scroll or two, and if they haven’t, it’s about damn time you throw one their way. The Fates have provided a generator with tons of ancient scrolls for your adventurers to find. Click the button and let The Fates decide which ancient scroll your party is going to find.


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