Cavern Encounter Generator

The cavern is dark and ominous. The torches begin to dim as the party enters through the stone passageway. There is a steep decline into the center of the cavern. Trickling water can be heard in the distance and a slow wind blows dust from where they have entered. The stone door slides shut with a thud as small pebbles rain down on them from above. The diminishing torches cause their large shadows play across the walls. In the center of the cavern, many passageways branch off. The one straight ahead seems to tilt upwards but is just as dark as the others. The passage to the left has an odor of unwashed bodies emanating from it. The passage to the right leads further down into the depths of the cavern. There are empty sconces on the walls and a discarded suit of crumbling armor in one corner. The walls have moss crawling downwards from the ceiling and the temperature in the room quickly drops once the exit door closes.

Give your next cave adventure some flavor with ideas from our Cavern Encounter Generator! Simply click the button and use the ideas presented to come up with your cavern descriptions and encounters.


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