Cults & Cultists Generator

In the derelict catacombs beneath the bustling city, a group of the city’s most elite meets. They are unidentifiable because each wears a velvet robe with a hood that descends over their faces. A hunched figure stands at the front. He sits atop the largest tomb openly disrespecting the dead that sleeps there.

He addresses his congregation with a nasal voice.

“You have been summoned here to discuss our current progress. There has not been enough violence to even consider you a part of this holy group. People in the streets outright defy the laws we have set forth. Even as you sit there, voices speak to me and those voices want the blood of the non-believers. You are to get rid of any monuments to the false gods that you come across. You will identify yourself to your fellow congregation by wearing a lily in your hair or on your lapel. If you do not follow these orders, woe is to you. We are here to end all who refuse to see that I alone am god.”

The crypts are dark but as the old man speaks, the cowl comes away from his face and it is a hideous sight. His eyes are white and roam the room. He is wrinkled and haggard. After many years he has convinced the elite that the only way to bring true peace to the city is by culling the nonbelievers and by killing any who stand in their way.

Cults and cultists are super fun to interact with in an adventure. They can be really difficult to set up, though. We have provided a generator that creates a cult and cultist for you with tons of information for you to work with. You will get what your cult worships, where they meet, details about their leader, details about the members, their goals, their rules, and what they fear. If you only need to describe a single cultist we have provided that for you as well.


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