The high-elven city of Ealsera is home to the Vaults of the Halcyon Gentry, the largest, most secure, and impenetrable bank in existence. The city is extravagant in every way and the buildings sparkle in the sun. The streets and buildings are pristine. Everyone seems to be well-kept and moderately wealthy.

The city has a well-rounded market district with many shops to choose from. One can find anything their heart desires in this sparkling city.

The high elves of Ealsera are unique in their living arrangements. Their homes are built as single large buildings containing apartments for their residences. The buildings are separated by caste resulting in three separate living quarters: nobility, common folk, and servants quarters.

The residents of Ealsera are not very warm to anyone who is not a high elf, but they despise violence more and will tolerate outsiders for a time. Many of the residents know Common but can't bear to speak it.

Side quests abound in this tiny city as well as many interesting NPCs to meet!


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