The Wicked Rocks Mines


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“The Wicked Rocks Mine” is a 5e RPG tabletop adventure location that can be inserted into any type of adventuring campaign.

Combat challenge difficulty was determined with a party of 5th-level characters (4 players).

This is the first adventure in the Vifilyn series.

This module contains:
  • Roleplay: 30%
  • Exploration: 20%
  • Combat: 50%
Estimated Play Time: 3 to 5 Hours
The dwarven village of Orin is small and obscure. It is run by the females of the village and is ruled by Queen Bodhma. Most of the traffic that passes through this tiny village does so due to the abundance of gems and gold coming from its one and only mine. Deemed "The Wicked Rocks" by the villagers, the mine is unstable and extremely dangerous.
Miners are going into the mine and not coming back out....screams can be heard echoing out of the cavernous maw of The Wicked Rocks...


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