Treasure Map Generator

Far out upon the sea, they find a ship listing to the side. Its mast is broken and the sail, decorated with a skull and crossbones, billows sadly across the deck. This ship has been abandoned by its previous owners, either by choice or by force. Below the deck is the captain's quarters. A rickety desk that has warped from years of exposure to the salty sea air is in the front of the small room. Old crumbling letters sit atop it with wax that has long since crumbled. At the bottom of the desk is a drawer that is extremely difficult to open. In the drawer are papers that contain many references to a long-dead pirate. At the very back of the drawer is a thinly rolled piece of leather tied with a ribbon. Unrolling the leather reveals a map. Finally, they have directions to this famous pirate's treasure that many have sought but none have found!

Give your adventurers some treasure to find. Select the "Get Directions" button to generate detailed instructions to the nearest treasure for your next 5e RPG Tabletop adventure!


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