What could be a good (and plausible) reason for a neutral evil character to become loyal to another character, without the alignment of self-interests?


It can be difficult for a Neutral Evil character to become truly loyal to another character without the alignment of self-interests, as their nature tends to be focused on achieving their own personal goals and desires. However, there are a few plausible scenarios that could lead to this type of loyalty:

1. A shared history or personal connection: If the Neutral Evil character has a shared history or personal connection with the other character, such as growing up together or going through a traumatic experience together, they may feel a strong sense of loyalty to them based on that bond.

2. A common enemy: If the Neutral Evil character and the other character have a common enemy that threatens both of their interests, they may form a temporary alliance that develops into a more genuine loyalty over time.

3. A powerful charismatic leader: If the other character is a charismatic leader who is able to inspire and manipulate the Neutral Evil character, they may develop a sense of loyalty to them based on their belief in the leader's cause or ideology.

4. Mutual benefit: If the other character is able to provide the Neutral Evil character with something they want or need, such as power, wealth, or information, they may become loyal to them in order to continue receiving those benefits.

Overall, it is important to remember that a Neutral Evil character is primarily motivated by their own self-interests, so any loyalty they develop is likely to be conditional and based on what the other character can offer them.


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